HeartSong Midwifery, LLC

Lisa Afshar, CPM, LDM

Homebirth Midwifery and Maya Abdominal Therapy

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Personalized Care for Mothers, Babies and Families

I offer compassionate midwifery care and integrated Maya Abdominal Therapy in and around Ashland, Oregon. Mothers and families deserve to experience authentic midwifery care -- care that places them at the center of focus and respects and responds to their unique and individual needs.  Working in partnership with Laura Roe , we create a community for families to grow and share their experiences while also offering individualized and thorough care.  Maya Therapy is included in prenatal care. Some of the benefits of receiving Maya Therapy are:

Optimal fetal positioning
Greater physical comfort
Shorter labor
Facilitates Bonding

Ocean Shell

Complete prenatal, birth and post- partum care until six weeks after your delivery.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call or email me:

Lisa Afshar, CPM, LDM and Certified Arvigo Practitioner
419 Willow Street

Ashland, Oregon 97520

Phone: 541.324.6102